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Getting Designs from the Net - What & How to Download

At this point, you surely know that it's possible to "download" cross stitch and embroidery patterns from the Internet. In fact, this is not only possible - but highly recommended, because using downloadable patterns allows you to expand your options greatly. Some online patterns are even available for free download.

Of course, you can download plenty of Wonderful patterns for money too. All you have to do is order them online or by phone, and then wait to receive a "secret download link" once your payment is processed.

How to actually download pattern

Downloading patterns (or anything else) is as simple as clicking on a download link and a couple of extra buttons. We will show you the exact steps, assuming that you already have access to download link. Here come the instructions and screen-shots:

We are now on a web page that contains a "download link" of a cross stitch chart (this page a download page of sample freebie from our archive). Read this instruction, and then repeat each step on your own, by going to the free counted cross stitch patterns archive.

Attention: The same steps will work even if you've received your download links by email. Just open your email software (e.g. Outlook Express), find the appropriate email message with download link(s), and continue in an identical manner.

1. Carefully read the text on the web page or in the email that is supposed to include your download links. The text should tell you which link you should click on. In our example, there are 11 blue download links at the bottom of web page.

2. Click on the blue download link that corresponds to your embroidery machine's format. If you select an incorrect format, the designs won't work, since each machine can only understand its own "language" only. Brother machines can "read" and embroider designs in .PES format, for example. Some machines can read more than one format, but this is rare.

For our example, we'll download a Violets design in PES format ( click on PES format link with LEFT mouse button). But when you will repeat the steps, select the format that YOUR machine "understands".

Click to Download Embroidery Pattern

Press Save

Choose your Embroidery Patterns Folder

Downlad Complete

That's it. Now you've "downloaded" the file. In other words, you've - copied it from the Internet to your PC.

Now, navigate to the folder where you have saved the design and start using it! This is why it was important to remember where you saved the design - to be able to find it use it later.

If it's zipped - most embroidery designs available through the Internet are - unzip it first, following this instruction..... Good luck!

Not sure where to save your designs? Have vague idea about such PC terms as "files", "folders" and "disks"? Educate yourself . It's all very simple, since organizing files on your computer is similar to organizing and finding books in a regular library. Once you understand the basic idea, everything is easy to put in the correct place and then easy to find the right book (embroidery pattern) when you need it.

Wish you a Most Wonderful Day & Happy Stitching!

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